Focus Delhi

Focus Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India. Iit won’t be wrong to say that it stands out from the rest of the cities in the country for more than one reason. It has developed in all the sectors of the economy. And the best part is it has managed to brave the rough financial weather when all the economies around the globe were reeling under a financial catastrophe. This only indicates that India was not severely affected by the worldwide financial crisis as other economies did. Ranging from the education sector to real estate, Delhi has shown growth in all sectors. And this ensures that living in Delhi will never be the same again.

It has a rich cultural heritage that speaks volume of the country’s historical past. It is a place where you will hear people speaking different languages. The city is cosmopolitan and is a classical example of religious tolerance where people belonging to different religion celebrate their festival together.

Delhi is one of the cities in India where many events take place. This is a venue for the automobile shows, trade fairs, computer fairs, property fairs, fairs related to environment and many more. Delhi Fashion Week is an event that pulls a huge crowd.

Delhi of late has come to be known synonymous with development and progress. Anyone visiting the city after a decade or longer would have difficulties recognizing the place as the city has changes tremendously. Delhi Metro has written a new chapter of success for the city. It would not be wrong to call Delhi a melting pot of cultures as one is likely to encounter people from various ethnic and religious groups here.

Fact file of Delhi

Literacy Rate
1,483 sq km
Population Density
9340/sq km
1,67, 53, 235
Time Zone
IST (GMT+05:30 hours)
STD Code
+91 11
Temperatures during Summer
Max temperature 47 degree Celsius
Temperatures during Winter
Drops to 1 degree Celsius
77.383 ° E
29.016 ° N
239 meter above sea level
Annual Rainfall (Average)
714 mm (28.1 inches)


How to reach Delhi

Delhi By Road Highways and roads connect you to the different cities and towns. The roadways are well developed. And over the years the condition of the roads has improved. There are buses that leave and arrive at the city at regular intervals.
Delhi By Rail Indian Railways is one of the major modes of transportation that will take you to Delhi. There are many railway stations in Delhi. Trains like Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express are an all time favorite of the travelers.
Delhi By Air Delhi can also be reached by air. Domestic as well as International flights help you to reach Delhi. Important airline companies like Air France, Japan Airlines, KLM, Malaysian Airlines, British Airways, and Gulf Air etc operate from the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi.