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Delhi Cuisine

Delhi people love eating. Irrespective of whether it is a party or a business gathering, the spread on the table is amazing. Delhi cuisine comprises all types of dishes. They are mainly regional. This is because people from different states reside in the capital city. As such the restaurants in Delhi serve different types of cuisine.

Delhi cuisine was influenced by ruling dynasties

Delhi was ruled by many dynasties. And every time the rulers settled here, they introduced different types of cuisine. Delhi was ruled by Afghans, English, Arabs, Rajputs, and Mughals etc.

It was the Mughals who introduced tandoor in the country. Tandoor is basically a kind of bread, which is made in earthen oven. Kababs are quite common in this part of the country. Kababs are small pieces of meat or chicken marinated in different spices. Thereafter, it is cooked over coal tandoor.

The typical Mughlai dishes forms an important part of Delhi cuisine. Some of the all time favorites include the following –

  • Tandoori chicken
  • Boti kebab
  • Seekh kebab
  • Tandoori fish

Where do you find authentic Mughal dishes?

If you want to get an authentic taste of Mughali dishes, you can drive down to Old Delhi. This is often known as Shah Jahan’s City. The restaurants you will find here serve authentic Mughal dishes. This is because the cooks you find are descendants of the cooks who used to work in the palaces. In fact they were the royal cooks.

Places where you will find Mughal dishes include –

  • Babu Khans
  • Karims
  • Kallus Halim
  • Nalli Nahari
  • Qabar

Delhi cuisine is a mix of all types of cuisines introduced by people who once lived here. Delhi cuisine comprises –

  • South Indian food
  • North Indian food
  • Gujarati Food
  • Punjabi Food
  • Rajasthani Food

In addition to the types of food mentioned above, you will find the following too –

  • Oriental Food
  • Thai Food
  • Chinese Food

Restaurants in Delhi serve different types of food. Recently, several mobile food joints have come up in the city. Some of the restaurants in the city serving different types of food include the following –

North Indian restaurants

  • Mezbaan
  • Rampur Kitchen
  • The Kabila Restaurant

South Indian restaurants

  • Naivedyam
  • Dakshin
  • South Indian Restaurant

Multi-cuisine restaurant

  • Park Heavens
  • Curries N More
  • Casa

Street Food in Delhi

Mouth watering snacks are available in the makeshift food stalls on the roadside. The food joints on the roadside maintain hygiene. And this is something you don’t have to worry about. Chandni Chowk is the best place where you will get your favorite lip smacking snacks. These include –

  • Spicy chaat
  • Aloo tikkis or cutlets made of potatoes
  • Aloo chaat
  • Aloo kaabli

Different types of spices are used to make the dishes mentioned above. Spicy chaat and the like can be had at any time of the day. However, they are not taken as main meal. They fall in the category of snacks and can be enjoyed in the evening or in the morning. Although they are quite stomach-filling, they are hot and spicy. These snacks form an essential part of Delhi cuisine.