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Restaurants in Delhi

The best way to get into a person’s heart is through his stomach. And this is exactly the concept that is being adopted by the innumerable restaurants in Delhi. The restaurants in Delhi serve delicious food to the customers so that they can win their hearts. Over the years, the food preferences have changed. And to keep pace with the changing tastes of the people, the restaurants in Delhi strive hard to live up to the expectations of the common man.

Given below are few restaurants in Delhi that serve different types of food.

North Indian Restaurants in Delhi

Delhi is a lively place to live in. It has a young as well as old crowd. And it is interesting to note that people belonging to all age groups enjoy the culinary delights of this place. Delhi, the capital city of India is one of the cities in the country to have the highest number of food joints. These food joints comprise restaurants, street side food outlets, and small eateries etc. You will also find many mobile food cars that sell different types of food.

Given below are names of few North Indian restaurants in Delhi. They are –

  • Copper Chimney Restaurant
  • Pehli Manzil
  • Mini Mahal
  • Mezbaan Restaurant
  • Dhaba Restaurant
  • Baujee Ka Dhaba
  • The Kabila Restaurant

Thai Restaurants in Delhi

Thai food is loved worldwide. Thai food is basically a mix of western as well as eastern influences. In Thai food herbs, aquatic animals, and plants are used as the major ingredients. Every effort is made by the Thai restaurants in Delhi to retain the actual taste in the food.

Some of the Thai restaurants in Delhi include the following –

  • Baan Thai
  • Ego Restaurant
  • Spice Route Restaurant

South Indian Restaurants in Delhi

South Indian cuisine is basically rice-based. Rice is an essential part of South Indian cuisine and it is present in some form or the other. You will find boiled rice, idlis, and dosas etc. Daals form an important part of the meals too.

Some of the commonly consumed South Indian stuff includes uttapams, vadas, rasam, and sambhar etc. Curried vegetables are common too. The names of few South Indian restaurants in Delhi include the following –

  • Sagar Ratna
  • Dakshin
  • Naivedyam
  • South Indian Restaurant

Oriental Restaurants in Delhi

Chinese food is more than just chopsuey and Chowmein. This is another form of Chinese food which is spicier and as become popular in the city. Some of them include Hunan and Szechuan etc. The Oriental restaurants in Delhi are as follows –

  • Jade
  • Delhi Devils
  • Taste of China
  • Melange
  • Bamboo Garden
  • Pickwicks
  • QBA Restaurant & Bar

Multi-cuisine restaurants in Delhi

Multi-cuisine restaurants in Delhi have gained prominence over the years. You will find your favorite food in one restaurant. This can be momos from Sikkim or Makki Ki Roti from Punjab. Starting from food from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal, you will find food of all types being served in these restaurants in Delhi.
The names of few multi-cuisine restaurants in Delhi are given below –

  • Mehfil
  • 19 Oriental Avenue
  • Kafilaa
  • Park Heavens
  • Punjabi Rasoi
  • 29 China Se

With a wide range of options, eating out in Delhi is not the same anymore. You can walk into any restaurant and order your favorite dish anytime.