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Delhi the national capital of India is one of the largest metropolis cities and is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. In fact it is one of the most important commercial, political and cultural centers of India. It is one of the best cities to live and it offers a lot of opportunities to its people, both in terms of living and education. There are various educational institutes in Delhi, which includes schools, colleges, management institutes, technological institutes etc. IIT Delhi is one such technological institute, which is one of the best institutes in the world. A brief overview of the institute is given below, which includes various aspects of the institutes.

About IIT Delhi

The Indian Institute of Delhi or IIT Delhi or IITD, as it is popularly known is located at Hauz Khas, is formerly known as College of Engineering and Technology. It is one of the major and most important engineering colleges in Delhi. In fact it is a chain of college which is located at different other metros apart from Delhi. The various other places where it is located are Kharagpur, Mumbai, Guwahati, Madras, Roorkee and Kanpur. It is one of the best engineering colleges in India and it is a one stop destination for all budding and aspiring engineers.

History of IIT Delhi

Indian institute of Technology or IIT Delhi was established on 21st August, 1961, by Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh. At the time of inauguration of the building, it was known as the College of engineering and Technology and after two years it came to be known as Indian Institute of Technology. From the time of its inception, till now it is able to withhold its glory and fame.

Aim of IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi is one of the seven IIT’s which offers degrees in engineering and applied sciences. Apart from offering best education, the institute aims something more. Some of the aims are mentioned below:

  • Providing best facilities to the students
  • Support students in postgraduate level and at research work
  • Providing help and instruction to engineering as well as applied sciences
  • Providing developmental program for faculty members
  • Using audio visual aid for taking classes
  • Preparing continuing educational program

Campus of IIT Delhi

The campus of IIT Delhi is spread over an area of 320 acres and has a wonderful landscape and surrounding. It has wonderful natural beauty and is neat and clean. The campus has a lot of greenery, with wide roads and various other infrastructures. There are different buildings which include the library, different departments, staff quarters etc. It also has a central library, where there are different kinds of books, apart from course books. The entire campus is divided into four different areas or zones which are as follows:

  • Recreational center for students
  • Hostels for Students
  • Staff quarters for both teaching staff and non teaching staff
  • Academic buildings and auditoriums for cultural and social program

Admission Procedure

There are various admission procedures for undergraduate and postgraduate programs at IIT Delhi. If you wish to apply for undergraduate courses, then you need to sit for JEE. It is an all Indian entrance exam.

On the other hand if you wish to apply for post graduate program, then you also you need to appear for entrance test, but it depends on which stream. If you wish to study management, then you have to appear for Joint Management Entrance Test, and on the other hand if you wish to study any other course, in some other departments then need to appear at different admission tests.

If you wish to take admission in PhD programs at IIT Delhi then you have to apply to the institution. By judging your academic performance they will get in touch with you. You can apply at any time of year depending on the course, which you want to apply.

Courses Offered

There are various courses offered at IIT Delhi which includes undergraduate, postgraduate, management studies, general courses in science etc. Various courses which are offered in the institution, under different departments are mentioned below.

Undergraduate courses in Engineering

  • Textile Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering Physics
  • Textile Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Production and Industrial Engineering

Dual Programs in Engineering

If you wish you can opt for dual degrees at IIT Delhi, which will offer you both a undergraduate and postgraduate degree in engineering. Given below are few such courses:

  • Biochemical engineering and Biotechnology
  • Chemical and Process Engineering in design
  • Electrical engineering and computer sciences

Apart from the courses mentioned above there are various other post graduate programs that are offered in science and management courses. It is one of the most prestigious institutions, which has produced some of the best talents in Indian and abroad.