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Universities in Delhi

The University of Delhi is one of the most famous names in the country. Every year various students visit the city in order to enroll themselves in various educational courses. Delhi has always been well known for its education and academics. The two major universities in Delhi are the University of Delhi and the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Both the universities share an equal name and fame. Let us have a brief overview about them.

University of Delhi

The Delhi University is the central university that is located in Delhi. It is funded by the Government of India. The university was set up in the year 1922. You have options for both post-graduate and graduate courses here. The university is further divided into the north campus and the south campus. With regards to conveyance the south campus shares a good connectivity with the Delhi Metro. The name of the station is Vishwabidalaya.

Delhi University Courses

Universities in Delhi are known for its academic structure and curriculum. Delhi University offers various teaching programs to the students. You can pursue subjects like Hindi, English, Political Science, Commerce, History, Philosophy and Mathematics. The candidates are required to fill up a Centralized Registration form with regards for registration. The final admissions are based on marks as well entrance examinations conducted by the university.

Delhi University Libraries

The Delhi University Library System has under it 34 libraries and 29 databases. Some of the selected libraries are listed below:-

  • Arts Library
  • Ratan Tata Library
  • Central Science Library
  • DUCC Library
  • Law Faculty Library
  • University Library
  • South Campus Library

Jawaharlal Nehru University

This is yet another name amidst the popular Universities in Delhi. This is located in New Delhi. It is situated amidst the Aravalli Hills. This university is mostly a research based postgraduate University. The total strength of students that it holds is close to count of 5.500. The number of faculties is roughly estimated to be approximately 550.

The university was established way back in 1969. It was more of an act of parliament. The university was named after the first prime minister of India. It was G. Parthasarathy, who was delegated as the first-Vice-Chancellor of the university.

Jawaharlal Nehru University Schools

The university has got 10 schools under it. Adding on that there are also four independent centers. The names of the school are given below :-

  • School of Arts and Esthetics – This is said to be one of the new schools that have been established.
  • School of Information Technology - This offers various courses in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.
  • School of Environmental Sciences - This offers various courses related to the Geosciences.
  • School of International Studies - This School offers courses related to various subjects that are internationally acclaimed.
  • School of Computer and Systems Sciences - This School since 1974 have attracted huge number of students from various parts of the country.
  • School of Biotechnology - This is one of the famous centers for courses in Bio-Technology in India.
  • School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies - For all cultural studies and research related to literature this is the ideal place to study.
  • School of Social Sciences - This offers the best study materials and scopes in social studies.
  • School of Physical Sciences- This offers you the best courses in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.
  • School of Life Sciences - This attracts all the students for advanced courses in Bio Sciences.

These would be some of the important facts about the two famous universities in Delhi.