Focus Delhi


Delhi History

Delhi the capital city of India is steeped in history. The city had been the witness to several rules and rulers that has come and gone. The various monuments and palaces speak of its elegant and grand past. The rich culture and heritage still continues to be a part of it along with high living. Delhi in the initial years was looked upon as the ruling platform for the Mughal Empire. It was only in the year 1803, that Delhi had become a dominion of the United Kingdom. Going back to the year 1911 the city was given the title of being the capital of India.

Delhi Geography

It is very important to know about the geographical or territorial aspect of any particular place whilst making a brief study. The geography of Delhi is said to be favorable from several angles. One of the major advantages of the city is that it is situated on the banks of river Yamuna. This is one of the reasons for the lands being rich and fertile for crops and harvests. The soil too is of good quality.

Delhi is located on the northern part of India and hence acquires a lot of plain areas. The total number of districts in Delhi is nine.

Languages in Delhi

Delhi is now inhabited by several people from various parts of the country owing to the high rate of immigration. People have shifted for better living standards and other professional reasons. As a result there are people from various communities.

The major languages that are spoken in Delhi are Hindi, Punjabi and English. English is more or less the official language. Hindi and Punjabi had become the maximum used linguistics in Delhi.

Delhi Demographics

This presents the population of Delhi and other related ratios. The total population of Delhi as per the census of 2001 is 13,782,976. The population density as it was calculated in 2001 was 9294. Delhi has got a high literacy rate. The total number of literate people in Delhi is 9703049, which comes down to approximately 81.82 % of the entire population.

Delhi Tourist Attractions

Delhi is known for its best tourist attractions. These would be the nearby places and the historical monuments. Some of the eminent names of places that you can visit in Delhi are:-

  • Red fort
  • Purana Quila
  • Lotus Temple
  • Modern art Gallery
  • Chandni Chowk
  • Jamma Masjid
  • Qutub Minar

These would be some of the eminent ones. There are other places apart from these too that you can visit. The Delhi metro now is one of the spectacular achievements that the city has attained in the recent years.

Delhi Culture and Heritage

Delhi has got a rich cultural tradition and heritage. This is evident by the people who are residing in Delhi. People in Delhi follow various social rituals and customs. There are several festivals as well that are observed. The people are well known for their bright and jovial nature.

These would some of the key aspects about Delhi.