Focus Delhi

Early History

Delhi is the capital of India. This is the place which has witnessed a lot of dynasty rule. Delhi can be considered as the hub of historical events. In the Early History of Delhi we can find traces of one of the most famous epic kingdom.

Several rulers came up with their kingdom and went down in the sands of time. There were several major and minor wars too which Delhi had witnessed. These wars usually marked the end of certain dynasties in Delhi. With every new kingdoms rising up with the passage of time, Delhi only got enriched again and again.

Here begins the History of Delhi:

Delhi has a vast record of ancient history. The Early History of Delhi firstly points out to the Maurya Dynasty. The Architectural remains belong to the 300 BC. There have been discoveries which show the existence of this big dynasty in and around Delhi. The excavations have brought out the remains of this Mauryan dynasty. Some of these include an inscription of the Maurya Dynasty Emperor Ashoka. It was dug out at Srinivaspuri, near Noida. The renowned Iron Pillar which lies near the Qutab Minar was brought up by Kumar Gupta of the Gupta Dynasty.

Delhi got its name:

As the history goes, Delhi was not known as Delhi before. The name ‘Delhi’ is said to have come up from the name of 800 BC ruler, King Dhilu. But this is not really supported by many historians. In fact, as per the historians ‘Delhi’ was the name of a region, which was located in Mehrauli, which is in the southwestern region of present Delhi. This city is said to be the oldest and the first city of ancient India. It is also named as Yoginipura.

Early History of Delhi:

You must have seen this epic as a TV serial or as video CD’s. Mahabharata is a well known epic which brings out the tale of the Pandava and the Kauravas and their reign. It is one of the most famous dynasties of India which gave birth to Indraprastha, which is the present Delhi.

As the Indian folklore says, Indraprastha was Delhi, which was the capital of Pandavas. This ancient city of Delhi was created in 1400 BC. As per the historical evidences available, this city was situated, where the Purana Quila stands now. The excavations did reveal the presence of this famous dynasty for years.

There are evidences in the historical texts, which show that Delhi was then called as Hastinapur which actually means,” Elephant city”.

The Early History of the Kingdom in Delhi:

Delhi witnessed the rule of several kingdoms. But the Early History of Delhi mainly points towards the rule of the major dynasty of the Pandavas. This city was a combination of several other places and had a larger area. The Indraprastha and Hastinapur belonged to the Pandavas after the Great War called the Mahabharata. This war took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, who were cousin brothers of the same family.

The Early History of Delhi shows that Delhi belonged as a part of the dynasty of the humongous family of the Pandavas and Kauravas.

This Indian Capital City of Delhi has been a part of the major dynasties. Although there are not many evidences to support the general beliefs, regarding the existence of this kingdom, but some of the excavations have supported the belief and has added to the historical past of Delhi.