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Tomar Dynasty

Delhi as a city saw a lot of dynasties ruling them. In the ancient history of India, the Mauryas and then the Pandavas had a dominant rule in and around Delhi. It was these rulers, who founded the two cities of Indraprastha and Hastinapur. The great kingdom of the Pandavas was continued as the Tomar dynasty. It was more like a succession than a take over, which took place at Indraprastha, now Delhi.

Delhi witnessed this change of dynasties. Since no outsider had taken charge, not much changed in the style of ruling.

History of the Tomar Dynasty:

The Tomar Dynasty came up after the Pandavas ceased to rule. The Tomaras are said to be the descendents of the Pandavas. The dynasty began with the great grandson, of the Pandava prince Arjuna. Emperor Janmejaya is the great grand son of Arjuna and the son of Emperor Parikshit. After King Yudhisthir passed on his legacy to his brother’s grandson Parikshit, the Tomaras came up as a dynasty.

The rule of this Tomar dynasty lasted till the last Tomar king ruled. It was Maharaja Anangpal Tomar –III who ruled as the last Tomar king. As per the succession rule, his sons were to continue with the Tomar dynasty legacy. But, as the story goes, the king had gone for a pilgrimage after handing over the kingdom to his grandson Prithviraj Chauhan (daughter’s son). Prithiviraj Chauhan who was not the actual successor and was merely appointed as the caretaker of the kingdom later refused to return the kingdom to the Tomaras. Hence, Prithviraj Chauhan was never crowned as the ruler of the dynasty, but continued to rule.

Spread of Tomar Dynasty:

The Tomar dynasty was defeated by the Ghoris, which led to their shift from core Delhi to Gwalior area. A famous citadel which still stands high in Gwalior was built by the Tomar rulers, Man Singh Tomar and Virsingh Deo. After the Mughal Emperor Akbar defeated the Tomaras, some of them converted themselves to Islam.

The Tomar Clan:

The Tomar clan continued as a part of the Pandavas. Hence they descended serially as a part of the Chandravanshi lineage. They were descendents of the famous rulers, Puru, Kuru, Dushyant, Arjuna, Kshemaka, and Tungpal and so on. The Tomaras were also known as Toor and Tanwar.

Different sub-clan type of the Tomar Dynasty:

The Tomaras were subdivided into several sub clans, apart from the major Rajputana clan. These clans include:

  • Janghara Rajputs
  • Pathania Rajputs
  • Jatu Rajputs
  • Berurai
  • Jarral Rajputs
  • Janjua Rajputs

The Kingdom spread of Tomar Dynasty:

The Tomar Dynasty emerged at Indraprastha after the Pandavas finished their rule and passed on the crown to their successors. The Tomar dynasty further spread to other areas such as:

  • Gwalior: Gwalior was their second major stop. Tomar rulers had spread to Gwalior after a war with the Ghori ruler.
  • Hastinapur: Hastinapur was already a part of the Pandavas. Hence, this city went on to become a part of the Tomar dynasty automatically.
  • Dholpur: Dholpur was discovered by Raja Dholan Deo Tomar in 1004. This country of the Tomar king was in between the Banganga and the Chambal River.

The Tomar Dynasty gifted a great style of administration. The dynasty existed with the descendents of the Great Pandavas. The ruins of that era have some architectural works by the Tomar Dynasty in and around Delhi, for you to check out.