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Heritage Hotels

What are Heritage Hotels?

Heritage hotels are the apt place if you are looking for a place where you can relive some of the old memories. One of the major reasons, why they are known by that name is because they have a history of their own. With its amenities it also allows the visitors to relax. There are many such heritage hotels in Delhi that you can check out some before you decided which hotel to book.

Heritage Hotels in Delhi

There are some people who believe that heritage hotels are all about being expensive. Delhi has a group of well furnished heritage hotels that gives you the best of all facilities. Each of the hotels has a past history woven around it. The visitors can see and know about it as and when they visit the hotel.

The lovely interior inside the hotels are very well maintained for years now. It captures the mind and takes you to a world of imagination. Delhi is well known for its series of heritage hotels. You always have the option of visiting them and experiencing the standard of living. Even if they are a little expensive than the other hotels, its worth to pay for it.

Heritage Hotels features

The Delhi heritage hotels have some features that distinguish them from other hotels. They are explained as follows:-

History- The Heritage hotel has got a history to it. The interiors are decorated more or less in and around that story. There are also motifs used and structural patterns that remind you of the age to which it belongs.

Expensive - The normal guestroom is slightly expensive as compared to other hotels.

Excellent Service – These hotels are known as for their excellent service and hospitality.

Some of the best heritage hotels in Delhi are listed below:-

  • The Imperial
  • Hotel Oberoi Maidens
  • Hotel Claridges

The Imperial Hotel

This is one of the oldest heritage hotels in Delhi. It was built in the year 1933 and has an old world feel to it. As you walk in you will be able to feel the British Raj feel to it. There hotel serves you best with all its amenities and services. You also have several restaurants where you can experiment various cuisines.

Hotel Oberoi Maidens

This hotel is well known for its colonial architecture and the vast emerald green lawns. Oberoi Maidens has been able to retain its past charm down the ages. The hotel has witnessed several historic events. Back in 1927 the Duke of Windsor has stayed in this hotel. It has favorable location from where you can visit some of the famous historical monuments.

Hotel Claridges

This hotel dates back to the 1950’s and has got a historical past. Once you enter the lobby you will be able to see the British Victorian set up. There is an Indian courtyard on the other side. Over the years it has had various visitors being a part of its service and hospitality.

These would be some of the famous heritage hotels in Delhi that you can choose to put up.