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Delhi Maps

Every place would have a map of its own. Even if it’s a small city it would have a map that would be the guideline to explore it. Maps make it easy for us to spot a particular place that we have been looking for. In addition to that it also gives us other relevant details like distance and the route to reach it. Over the years people owing to their individual purposes have made adequate uses of Delhi Maps. They have been used by a wide spectrum of people to solve their purposes. Let us have a look at some of the ways in which these maps can be used by different people.

Various uses of Delhi Maps

The city has a rich history and it is reflected through the ancient buildings, forts, monuments etc. Delhi was an abode to different empires like the Mauryan, Tughluq, Tomara and various other dynasties. In fact, it is believed by most of the people that Delhi was the capital of the Pandavas, of the Mahabharata and was known as the land of Indrapastha. Delhi travel map will help you to have a look at the present and the past history of the place. It will also help to plan your trip to different parts of the city.

Overview of Delhi Map

Delhi Maps have various uses. They are used by the young and the old alike. There are various types of the maps that are available. Some of the important ones are mentioned below:-

  • Delhi Political Map
  • Delhi Physical Map
  • Delhi Topography Map
  • Delhi City Map

Each of the maps would have a use of their own. Some of the most important ones are described for you

Use of Delhi Political Map

The physical map of Delhi would give details mostly on the landscape. You can identify the hills, rivers and plateaus through this map. You can always have physical map of Delhi handy to yourself if you are willing to explore the scenic and natural spots. A physical map also would let you know of certain small lakes, streams, or distributaries that might be existing. Deltas can be located through these maps as well. The physical map of Delhi is often used in academics to know the city better geographically. Students who are doing research on the subject can keep these maps with them.

Use of Delhi Topography Map

This is a like a research students primer. The Delhi topography map would reveal the land type and other social details. You can know the type of the land in which you are putting up. In a typography map sheet you can take each area within an area, and research carefully. The map reveals the altitude of a mountain, land, and plateau. It also lets us know about the house type. Whether you have houses in small clusters or whether they are scattered from one another. Students pursuing Geography are often said to carry these maps. You have different topography maps for different places within the same city.

Use of Delhi City Map

This is like an important manual that you should keep with yourself if you are going to visit Delhi. These maps give you all the relevant details about hotels, parks, restaurants and so on. Basically you have the city at your own grip through the city map guide. It is a must have for every traveler and tourist.

These would be some of the innovative uses of Delhi maps.

Delhi City Map