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Billiards in India

Billiards is said to be one of the very few games that took India to the international platform. The game was introduced in India during the earlier half of 20th century.  The games and tournaments are all managed by the Billiards and Snooker Ferederation of India. This and other associations joined hands and worked towards making the game popular in India. The organization also takes care so that game tournaments are also carried on smoothly. The primary objective is to organize good Billiards tournaments in India. This would not only promote the game but also would bring new talents. These players then can represent India internationally at various events.

Billiards in Delhi

Delhi as the capital city of India supports games and sports of national relevance. There are tournaments held in the city of various levels. The levels are as follows:-

  • Senior Billiards Tournament
  • Sub-Junior Billiards Tournament
  • Junior Billiards Tournament

These tournaments are organized both on a national as well as on state level. Apart from this the Billiard organization or clubs in Delhi also helps in organizing international tournaments. This also includes the World Championship in India.

These tournaments are mostly held in the renowned cities like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. All the players from Delhi would have to abide by certain rules and regulations of the game that is decided by the organizing body.  

Billiards Clubs in Delhi

If you want to play billiards in Delhi, you will have plenty of options. Some of the famous billiards clubs are mentioned below:-

  • Chelmsford Club at Connaught Place,Delhi
  • Delhi Gymkhana Club at Safdarjung Enclave,Delhi
  • Pulpehladpur,Delhi at Snooker Club
  • Emiratez Club at Faridabad Old,Delhi
  • Unitech Country Club at NH 8,Delhi
  • Village Club at Vikaspuri,Delhi
  • Sarvapriya Club at Sarvapriya Vihar,Delhi
  • Aravali Golf Club at Nit No.1,Delhi
  • New Friends Club at New Friends Colony,Delhi
  • Dwarka Sports Club at Dwarka - Sector 11,Delhi

Emergence of Billiards in Delhi

Today Billiards in Delhi is mostly a lifestyle. The city has developed manifold in the previous years.  These changes have also been in the area of games and sports. Billiards in Delhi is now considered to be a lifestyle game like that of golf. It is also looked upon as a platform for networking and relationship building.

Divisions in Billiards

There are three important sub-divisions of games in billiards. They are as follows:-

  • Carom Billiards – This refers to the games that are played on the tables. This is mostly played without pockets. They include elements like straight rail, artistic billiards, balkline, cushion caroms and so on.
  • Snooker – This is technically known better as the pocket billiards game. This is categorized separately keeping in mind its historic difference from the other form of games.  Even in terms of the terminology as well as the culture this type is different.
  • Pool – This type of billiard is generally played on a table along with six pockets. Other elements included here are the bank pool, straight ball and the like.

These would be some of the billiard parlors in Delhi that you can visit on your trip.