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Delhi Stadiums

Delhi the capital city of India has been a great patron sports and other allied activities. Hence, it is likely that the city would have some of the greatest sports stadiums to it.  The stadiums of Delhi embody the sporting skill and expertise of the Indian folk.

Most of the stadiums comprise of fields and vast land stretches. Else they are fully surrounded by a structure that would allow the spectators to watch the game in motion by sitting or standing. There are also categories in sitting arrangements as well.

These stadiums are also used for a number of sporting events. They can also accommodate huge number of people. Mostly all stadiums in are in the shape f a horse-shoe.

Football Stadiums in Delhi

Football is one of the important games in Delhi and hence there is a football stadium too. The stadium is built in order to propagate the Indian sport culture and to highlight its love for football. Football stadium also shows that football is as important as other games like cricket and soccer.

Ambedkar Stadium in Delhi

In Delhi the well known stadium for football is the Ambedkar Stadium. This is located at New Delhi. This stadium at present is used as the venue for all the football matches. The stadium keeps the capacity of accommodating about 20,000 people. The stadium is named after the famous dalit leader B.R.Ambedkar. He was also the chairman of the Indian constituent assembly.

Ambedkar Stadium Highlights

There are certain important facts associated with this stadium. It was in the year 2007, that the stadium underwent a renovation. This is the time when the flashlights were installed. On the same year, August the stadium hosted a tournament under flashlights. This was known as the Nehru Cup International Football Tournament 2007.

The Delhi football stadium is thus crated in order to showcase the outdoor sport activities.