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Indian Airlines

Indian Airlines or Indian as it is popularly known is one of the major Indian airlines. It has its base at Mumbai and it primarily operates domestic flights, along with different international flights, in neighboring foreign countries. In fact it is one of the first state owned airlines, which was launched by Ministry of Civil Aviation. The other airline which operates from India is Air India. A brief overview of Indian Airlines is mentioned below.


History of Indian Airlines

Indian Airlines is one of the fully government owned institution, which belongs to Government of India. This airline was launched in 1953, which was very popular right from its inception. During that time there were very few airlines, and travel by flight was considered as a luxury. Indian Airlines was launched in order to connect India with different parts of the world and also connecting different domestic destinations.

Indian Airlines is the first airline to introduce wide bodied aircrafts in domestic flights. Not only that it was also the first one to introduce walk-in tickets and low priced tickets. Previously booking tickets was very difficult as you had to book your tickets early, in order to avoid the last minute rush. You can opt for on spot booking of tickets which is available in all airports. There are automatic machines from where you can get your tickets instantly. It is also one of the airlines who have introduced tickets at low prices. Previously travel by air was expensive and was availed only by elite class people, but after the advent of low priced tickets, travel by air has become easy and convenient.


About Indian Airlines

India Airlines is one of the most cosmopolitan and preferred airlines by most people. It is preferred by most people due to its in flight service and other allied facilities. Indian Airlines is now known as Indian, which has been renamed at December 7, 2005, in order to be at par with the various other new private airlines, which are dynamic and colorful. The symbol of Indian Airlines is of the chariot wheel of the famous Konark’s Sun Temple located at Orissa.


Main Objective of Indian Airlines

Even though it is one of the early airlines which started to operate flights in Indian and in its neighboring countries. After its inception, the airline has gone through sea of changes, in order to match its services and various other in-house facilities as compared to other airlines. The airlines is now well equipped and is at par in technology and various other facilities. In order to give the airlines a vibrant look, a complete makeover was done, which gave it a lively and colorful charm, which is preferred by today’s new age travelers.


Arrival and Departure of Flights from Delhi

There are different flights that are operated by Indian Airlines from Delhi connecting different domestic and international destination. Given below are names of few domestic and international destinations from where you can avail flights of Indian Airlines:

  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Singapore
  • Nepal
  • Maldives
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad

Booking Tickets in Indian Airlines

In order to make the work of the fliers easier, you can now book your tickets online. Apart from dropping in at the city office of the airline and booking tickets from travel agents, booking tickets online is the easiest way. You can not only book your tickets but you can also cancel your tickets which is very convenient.