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Fairs and Festivals in Delhi

Planning to visit Delhi anytime soon? Read on to know about the main fairs and festivals in Delhi so that you can catch the city in its festive glory.

Delhi fairs and festivals

Delhi is one of the four major Indian metros. It houses New Delhi, the capital of India, and consists of a multicultural population. Naturally, there are a large numbers of fairs and festivals celebrated in Delhi every year. These are organized at different times by people of different religion. It would be unfair for you to give these colorful events a miss.

Festivals in Delhi

Delhi witnesses the celebration of a large number of festivals all year round. Some of these wonderful events are


It is celebrated in the month of January and kicks off the festive season in Delhi. It marks the peak of the winter season and is observed with great enthusiasm. Singing and dancing around bonfires form the main part of the celebrations.

Kite-Flying Festival

This beautiful festival is held on the sacred Hindu festive day of Makar Sankranti. This annual event consists of kite flying tournaments that are held on the green lawns close to Palika Bazaar. People from different parts of India as well as abroad take part in these tournaments. If you stand on the green lawns in the Connaught Place in Delhi, you can see a spectacular sight of hundreds of colorful kites competing with each other on this day.

Republic Day

The Indian Republic day is held on 26th January. Spectacular military parades complete with the display of Indian weaponry, horse pageantry and elephants enthrall millions of observes across the nation and abroad. The event is also telecast live on the national channel. You may miss other fairs and festivals in Delhi. But you must not let this one pass by.

Fairs in Delhi

India International Trade Fair (IITF)

'The India International Trade Fair' (IITF) or 'The Delhi Trade Fair' is generally held sometime between 14th to 27th November every year. This hhighky popular fair is one of the biggest fairs in terms of visitor count. Products from almost all states of India are displayed here. Items ffrom about hundred nations are showcased here. You can shop for almost anything in this gigantic fair.

The Art and Crafts Fair

Beautiful crafts and objects of art are displayed in well-lit stalls that represent almost every Indian state. Special stalls are also set up that focus on tribal art and crafts and themes like 'Global warming', 'Going green' etc.

The Electronic Fair

The purpose of this fair is two-fold.

  • It introduces visitors to the modern technological innovations.

  • It makes them know about the technological progress India has made in the field of electronics.

The fair showcases electronic items from different multinational companies like LG, Sony, Philips, Samsung and Thomson. The fair is a great hit with the youth who are always on the lookout for the latest gadgets and gizmios.

The Automobile Expo.

This fair displays bikes and cars from India and various other parts of the world. It is very popular with young men who are crazy about anything that runs on two or four wheels.

Hope you liked reading about the various fairs and festivals in Delhi? Visit the city and soak in its festive spirit yourself.